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Featured Projects

Decoding Obscenity

Since 2021, the American Library Association (ALA) has announced record breaking numbers of book challenges each year, especially among Young Adult and children’s books. Politicians in Texas, Virginia, and Florida have leveraged new bills to restrict access to what they call obscene materials in schools and public libraries. New parental rights groups say it is their mission to protect children from pornography and ideological indoctrination embedded in a progressive education system.

Taylor Swift: Data Story

From country upstart to pop icon to indie songstress, Taylor Swift has run and won the genre gambit. Through each style, she's explored and adapted key themes that characterize her often autobiographical songwriting. Many of them are romance related: new love, young love, hard love, past love. This motif has resulted in Swift being labeled a one trick pony only capable of writing about the woes of her love life. But to diminish Swift's music in this way is to seriously undermine her lyrical and instrumental genius. As a credited writer on every one of her songs, she has demonstrated an impressive range and storytelling ability that has woven her discography into an interconnected opus–a Swiftverse, if you will.

A little bit about me.

Julia embraces her diverse interests as a multimedia storyteller with a distinct interdisciplinary perspective. Graduating with highest honors from Skidmore College with a dual degree in History and Anthropology, she thrived under professors who championed creativity in the classroom. Their unique teaching style fueled Julia’s passion for storytelling in communication and education.

Now a graduate student at Rutgers University pursuing a Master of Information, Julia combines her commitment to social justice and political change in her research projects, tackling topics such as book bans, educational gag orders, and political socialization.

She also collaborates with local movements to advocate for voting reform, social justice projects, and support community arts initiatives.

Julia is fueled by an insatiable curiosity to connect with and understand the world. She is an avid consumer of media, particularly podcasts, that explore the world in ways she never imagined (some favorites include TED Radio Hour and Radiolab). She dreams of collaborating with experts around the world to tell impactful stories that challenge the status quo and inspire people to dream big.